Little prick thinks he can do it all
Little shit, you're in for a fall

(Here comes) an early reducer, nowhere near the ball

Try that little flick just one more time
Put the ball through my legs again, you're gonna die

(Here comes) an early reducer, that's bullseye!

Il get inside your head
Il put you in Row Z
You're nothing but a showpony
Your reputation means nothing to me

So heed my warning...
or with an early reducer Il be flying in...

Sweet nothings breathing down your neck
Bite yer legs, this game, you'll never forget

Gaffers orders in
Put the reducer on him
You're not there for your ball skills

You're not there for your ball skills
One job to do, that's it


from Random Football Musings Set to Music, released August 15, 2014


all rights reserved


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