We've Gone Quiet, They don't fancy it, Who wants it? Where Was The Shout? Get it out
Straight In, All Day, One of you! Who's man was that?, Get back!

Two On The Edge, It's Still 0-0, Ref! Ref! How long?, Their heads; Their heads have gone.

Vocabulary of a football team.

Down the line, Stand 'him up!, Don't dive in, Take him on!, You're on.
Time, Away, Put it in the mixer, Man on, Move it quicker.

Get rid!, Watch the short!, Heads have dropped , Penalty spot, Over the top

Vocabulary of a football team.

Get it on the floor! Turn and face, Launch it!, Back if ya need, Too easy

He's only got one foot! Box 'Em In!, Make it count, Don't let it bounce!

Vocabulary of a football team.


from Random Football Musings Set to Music, released August 15, 2014


all rights reserved


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